Vaziri Library of Yazd

From the dream of export to charity
The VAGHFI organization, which now thousands of books and stone prints, has added hundreds of printed books in their repository and the average of 500 people are using a story beyond a regular library. Other libraries are usually admirers by continuous and tireless efforts to create such a useful and valuable organization, but the story of construction and finally devoted to the library of Vaziri is so glamorous and surprising to understand that it is necessary to review the life of a person Ali Mohammad Vaziri, to recall the narrative. Create and finally dedicate the library.
Before the library has been endowed by the deceased Ali Mohammad Vaziri, one of the employees in the dream world has been dreaming that he wants him to bring a book to him. The staff of the library is always going to be the shelf of books and it is the book. At this time, the shelves are opened to the shrine of Imam Reza (as), and thus the secret story devoted to the library of Vaziri is also initiated.
Tomorrow morning, the employee recounts the dream story of last night for the deceased of Vaziri and the dream is holy a way to the pilgrimage of Islam. The deceased Vaziri has a story that after the Pilgrimage of the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Momenin (A.S.) and the acquisition of his position, he will come to sleep and tell the deceased Vaziri, the library devoted to Imam Reza (as).
The reason for his spiritual inspiration to the deceased Vaziri may be due to his permanent worries about the fate of his library. A library that had collected his own individual books with blood hearts.
One of the story of the deceased Vaziri said that during the first Pahlavi that the holding of meetings was forbidden, for keeping books during the attack of the public officials, they put them in metal omurteks and hidden in the house in the cellar and put them on the wall. The Allied invasion of Iran and the exile of Reza Shah to Ali Mohammad Javan gave a chance to resume the work of the library. They would say immediately he ruined the wall, and pulled his books out of the cellar and placed on the home’s niche.
The first measures for the creation of public libraries, but in the year 1333, and finally, the Library of the year was established in the Atrium Masjed Jame Yazd, and with 1800 of the cover of the book and the linear.
The deceased Vaziri was quickly confronted with a shortage of room for his beloved library books. The collection was transformed into a library with a volume of 14000 volumes of books, and the shortage of minds was still engaged in the mind. Until finally again Imam Reza (as) came to the help of the deceased Vaziri. At the height of disappointment, the first shopkeepers in Yazd Bazaar in the Grand Mosque of Iran was purchased and the library with 14000 volumes was transferred to the book. But again, there was no shortage of problems.
Mohammad Harati was the cost of the new building of the library in Yazdi. The new construction operation was initiated in 1342 in the east of Jame Mosque and was inaugurated on March 1, 1345 of the building. Hossein Besharat Another businessman was responsible for making a section of manuscripts in the main building of the library to the young world, Yazdi is no longer a place to keep his books.
Ali Mohammad decided to transfer the library to a great institution after the launch of the libraries, which had the ability to handle it. First, the Ministry of Culture and Arts, the Endowment organization, and the Yazd municipality were walking in this way, but as mentioned, the work of a statement that the library employee and the deceased-Vaziri person observed were finally the library, the endowment of Astan Quds Razavi. After the agreement of Astan Quds Razavi in July 1348, Oqfnameh was set and registered. According to Oqfnameh, “the building of the library of Vaziri, together with all available books, including linear, printable, illustrated, highly, documents, Oqfnameh, and also athathih belongs to the library” fully devoted to Astan Quds Razavi. In this Oqfnameh, there is a special situation: 1) No number 2951, which is the library building and its land is devoted to the library at any time, in the meantime, the title of “Library of Vaziri Yazd” should never change, and 2) library except during closed Everyone must be open every day for public use. The terms of the trustee have been prohibited from removing books, the Quran, documents, and records from the library. Even the tjalid and the Qur’an must be carried out within the library and the books of the blessings and the Koran should not be given to non-Muslim people. The Nafis and illustrated books are also under the view of the manager of the library in the hands of the editor and will be studied in a room other than the general قرائتخانه with the presence of a specific motevalli or moderator or a particular person. Clients must be kusha to keep the book. The absence of smoking and pyrophoric materials in the library, as well as observing pakisegi and cleaning, is a special condition operators and bibliography.
Sharing the Astan Quds Razavi in the library office but other blessings for its employees.
Mohammad Reza Entezari, which is 48 years old, is responsible for library management, and says: Sometimes I do not find that due to the work pressure of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (as), I am not a broken and depressed, but there is so much that this time suddenly by Astan Quds A mission is to be put to my own quicker to Mashad and stay a few days in that holy city.
The deceased of the Vaziri of course was so concerned that his library was in the office before the death of three of the House and the stock of the company Iqbal and the industry and Mine Development Bank devoted to the library and of course Oqfnameh that the toliyat of endowments for the time of life He is the responsibility of the Shrine of Astan Quds Razavi, after his death. Supervision of the endowment and annual budget of the library was also considered a group of 5 persons and the staff of the Library are also working with the view and approval of Astan Quds.
Now, in the shadow of successful management, Mohammadreza Entezari, the total of the books reached over 18 thousand volumes, from which the 4260 cover is linear and about 5000 is the cover of the stone print. Stone print books are not distinct from other print books. The most collection consists of Persian and Arabic books and there are only 5000 volumes of French, German, Russian and English, which are more relevant to the field of literature, novels, and fiction. More than one third of the books are religious, and about 85% of the books are provides in the field of human sciences. Among the manuscripts, there are only a few volumes of the books unrelated to the humanities and religious sciences. Of course, in August 91, more than four thousand manuscripts of the library of Vaziri-I-Yazd was digitally-affiliated with the Astan Quds Razavi.
The manuscripts of this library can be pointed to the linear Court of Hafez, 14 miniature houses and more than four centuries old. The Divan-i-HQ-line 14-row on the buff paper in 224 leaves with a size of 14×14 cm is considered.
Now, a collection that once the deceased Ali Mohammad Vaziri, with the blood of the heart, has been transformed into the Negin Farhang and art of Iran. Although it should be acknowledged that the prosperity and blessing of this valuable library which has led to the lighting of the way of 18 thousand interested in science and virtue provides the blessing of Astan Quds Razavi and Hazrat Imam Reza (as). A collection that is right can be considered as negin Farhang and Islamic art in Yazd city.