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“the city is beautiful, big and thriving. Specially the silk fabrics called Yazdi are famous for merchants and are exported to all over the world. If you want to get out of town(to Kerman), you have to pass an 8 days desert passage where there are only 3 places to stay.”
This is a small, but nice and perfect little memoir about Yazd. This is what Marcopolo wrote in his travelogue. Undoubtably this review is enchantress.
In not so distant years, every grandma had a wonderful cupboard in her home that nobody owed the key except her. To open this cupboard was every grandchild’s greatest wish. When grandmother was about to approach it, all eyes were on her to know where she hides the key. It would take so long, but finally the key would be found, and the land of thousand memories opened to the children. From that day on, their world changed and they’d take every opportunity to open the cupboard, a hideout with thousands of untold stories that will never become boring.
City of Yazd Is a grandmother’s cupboard for us, Yazdgerd gives this mysterious city to his daughter; the city of god, a pure and sacred place. This means this city is as old as the history. Of course, we don’t know who exactly came to this place and started a life; there are plenty of questions on this subject. But the story of this historic city has began beyond the third millennium BC.
This cupboard has memories of several centuries, amazing and tempting, walking in this city fills up your memory with beauty, vitality and love. Sometimes you have to look back to retrieve the sense of beauty.

From Yesterday ...Until Today ...

Yazd Dad Hotel, as the only 4star hotel in Yazd province, located in the heart of the historic urbans, is a unique example of a classic Persian- Yazdi style hotel. This complex is adjacent to the most famous historical sites, including the Zoroastrian fire temple, central Mosque, Water Museum, Alexander Prison, Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Fahadan historic neighborhood. Dad Hotel has 88 rooms, including single, double, triple, quadruple connected rooms, honeymoon and royal suite with classic design and modern amenities. This hotel has two restaurants, a coffeeshop, a café-gallery, an aqua complex, free internet, laundry service, taxi service, giftshop, travel agency for various tours, parking garage (limited capacity), and a hall for parties, seminars conferences and otherceremonies. Dad Hotel is trying to provide you with the best and most up-to-date services with a wide range of tastes and expectations.
Dad Hotel’s magnificent and charming architecture make you sit down for hours in the central yard with a cup of tea and make memories which you will smile every time by recollecting it. The roof garden of this hotel, with no hesitation is the most beautiful part of the building. You can watch this city’s history and culture line by line. People of Yazd are famous for their hospitality, in this complex we will show you this character in the best way.

History of Dad Hotel

Building of this hotel dates back to 1927. This place was established by efforts of Haj Abdul Khaleq for the cause of goods transportation and hosting guests and was used until 1993. Restoration of this building was to preserve its historical spirit and identity and initiated by the hands of Mohammad Hassan Dad, and his descendants. Dad Hotel is an 80 years old memento located in historical urbans of 3000-year-old city, Yazd, and is adjacent to the famous cultural heritage sites such as Zoroastrian fire temple and Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Brik and thatch tiles are the oldest materials used by the desert people to build beautiful arches and skylights, therefor Dad Hotel also has these iconic sights in its every corner.

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Photos capture our beloved moments, they let us open a treasure box and browse through our memories, one by one. There are images filled with spirit of life, blazing our identity. Dad Hotel chest, is the best place to dream and review your memories. Here is Dad’s treasure.

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Before choosing Dad Hotel and your residence, you can virtual visit the whole collection and imagine your stay. Our suggestion is to start from the central yard, enter the corridors and see the rooms closely. Do not forget the rooftop.

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The journey itself is full of fresh and hearty experiences. And it’s going to be even better with our tempting offers. Dad hotel will give you special offers which undoubtably save you from trouble and will double the journey’s pleasure.

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Historical celebrations

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Persian and Yazdiculture and history are filled with celebrations and magnificent traditions, which together makes it more enjoyable. You can visit the events at on various occasions and exhibitions that are presented with interesting topics at the hotel.

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