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Ceremony hall

Holder of parties, conferences and business meetings with the most recent equipment and professional services …

A modern space is at your disposal with all the facilities and equipment to hold your ceremony with, at ease. In the Father Hall, experienced and professional staff are always there to offer you the best hosting services for holding banquets private parties, conferences and business meetings.

Professional equipment

The hotel’s conference hall has the following facilities

Various types of microphones

console microphone, collar microphone, wireless microphone


high-speed internet, free access for participants


wide Full HD Tv


professional systems for secretarial services


high quality display to provide specialized content


Wide silver-screens on both sides of the hall

Father Hall

Catering and service based on your ceremony and your need

The ceremony hall of Dad Hotel with a beautiful design and complete and up-to-date equipment, is always ready to host your banquets, private parties, conferences and business meetings. From the incredible features of Father’s Hall is the possibility of different chairs arrangements, which provides multiple settings for variety of ceremonies. To be noted that the capacity of this hall is: 100 people for cinematic arrangements, 40 people for the school arrangements and 25 people for the U- shaped arrangements. Dad Hotel will provide your service with an experienced and professional staff for you to enjoy your quality time. The Father Hall also benefits from all the facilities and services of a modern Hall, such as; weird and wireless microphones, projectors, video-players, laptops and more. All of these makes it possible for you organize your ceremony professionally in a peaceful and elegant environment with a nice architecture to make memorable moments for you and your guests.

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Arrangements of the hall

Types of the arrangements based on your ceremony and meeting

Seats arrangements at the conference hall is one of the things that should be given special consideration. You can decorate and arrange your seats according to the type and size of the hall and the number of participants however it should be borne to mind that any kind of seminar or conference needs a particular type of arrangement, therefor there are certain principals and tips to be followed. Here we introduce some of the most commonly used arrangements styles in the conference hall.

Rectangular layout

In this style an empty centered table is placed in the middle of the hall and all chairs are arranged around it. The table used for this kind of layout has the seating capacity of 20 people and has an easier access.

U-shaped layout

in this style, a fairly large U-shaped table is used, and for the speaker a separate table and chair. This style of seat arrangement is for commonly for official meetings.

Banquet arrangement

In this layout we use a number of small tables around the hall. Around each table there are 5 to 8 relatively small chairs. Small business meetings are a good example for this type of arrangement.

Cinematic layout

The layout in this style is just like a theatre hall; in one direction or a half-circle which is suitable for meetings of less than 2 hours, and the leather seats are the best choice in this style.

Class-room arrangement

The layout in this style is just like a theatre hall in one direction or half-circle. This type of arrangement is suitable for meetings of less than 3 hours and the use of leather chairs is the best option.

Negotiating layout

This layout is suitable for conducting formal negotiations or arranging contracts between the two groups or organizations, which uses a long table and depending on the number of negotiators’ teams, the seats are facing each other.


Images from your memories

Browse your dreams

Photos capture our beloved moments, they let us open a treasure box and browse through our memories, one by one. There are images filled with spirit of life, blazing our identity. Dad Hotel chest, is the best place to dream and review your memories. Here is Dad’s treasure.

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Virtual Tour

Imagine your residence

Experience Dad Hotel before your stay

Before choosing Dad Hotel and your residence, you can virtual visit the whole collection and imagine your stay. Our suggestion is to start from the central yard, enter the corridors and see the rooms closely. Do not forget the rooftop.

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Special offers

Offers as Hot as Yazd

Tourism and affordable accommodation

The journey itself is full of fresh and hearty experiences. And it’s going to be even better with our tempting offers. Dad hotel will give you special offers which undoubtably save you from trouble and will double the journey’s pleasure.

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Historical celebrations

Don’t forget the special dates

Persian and Yazdiculture and history are filled with celebrations and magnificent traditions, which together makes it more enjoyable. You can visit the events at on various occasions and exhibitions that are presented with interesting topics at the hotel.

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