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Yazd Atashkadeh (Yazd Atash Behram)

Yazd Atashkadeh [ Yazd Atash Behram ] Zoroastrian Atashkadeh in Yazd, Zoroaster and his followers Seeing a few children, firebox in their hand, and their occasional naughtiness but with caution not to fall into the ground was a common sight in ancient Iran. The children [...]

Fahraj Rural with Story strange

Fahraj Rural with Story strange History of Fahraj VillageFahraj Village of Central District is located 22 km southeast of Yazd and on the Yazd-Bafgh road. Dating back to the historic village before the emergence of Islam even. The works that have been found in Fahraj prove that [...]

The new Yazd and tourism industry

The new Yazd and tourism industry The ancient Yazd and foreigners When fame is in the siege of the desert, the way for passengers to reach it is rugged, long and tedious. It is also not known for its green nature and flowing streams where [...]

Yazd souvenir

Yazd souvenir The souvenir of Yazd is attracted to many tourists due to its charm and diversity. Among the souvenirs and handicrafts of یزدشیرینی he has many reputations, people who savoured edible souvenirs of Yazd have never forgotten the extraordinary taste and perhaps this taste is [...]