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Mirror Palace mansion

Mirror Palace mansion Cultural museums are one of the attractions of cities, because visiting them in the least amount of time introduces us the culture, traditions, and the life style of the residents of a region in a special period. Museums are the best place [...]

Yazd Travel Guide & Tips

Yazd Travel Guide & Tips Yazd, the city of adobe and memory Selecting a destination for travel seems to be a difficult task. But, watching some cities as a treasure full of mysteries will undoubtedly figure out a lasting memory. Definitely, Yazd is one of [...]

Yazd Atashkadeh (Yazd Atash Behram)

Yazd Atashkadeh [ Yazd Atash Behram ] Zoroastrian Atashkadeh in Yazd, Zoroaster and his followers Seeing a few children, firebox in their hand, and their occasional naughtiness but with caution not to fall into the ground was a common sight in ancient Iran. The children [...]

The vicinity of water reservoir and zurkhaneh in Yazd

The vicinity of water reservoir and zurkhaneh in Yazd Why is there a Zurkhanes next to most of the water reservoirs?The bell sound of Zurkhane may attract your attention when you stroll through the alleyways of Yazd. Suddenly, remember the old pahlavanan (champions) with those thick mustache [...]

The new Yazd and tourism industry

The new Yazd and tourism industry The ancient Yazd and foreigners When fame is in the siege of the desert, the way for passengers to reach it is rugged, long and tedious. It is also not known for its green nature and flowing streams where [...]

Souvenirs of Yazd

Souvenirs of Yazd Yazd souvenirs attract many tourist due to their attractiveness and great diversity. Among Yazd's souvenirs and handicrafts, its sweets are really well-known. Those who have tasted the food souvenirs of Yazd, they never forget the wonderful taste and even perhaps this taste [...]

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