A rich flavor of history …

Cafe and restaurant

Experience the taste of traditional Yazdi and Persian noble gourmet recipes along with the most delicious international cuisine …

Dad Hotel, as the classic Persian-Yazdi hotel, is unique in its kind; with 2 restaurants and 2 coffee shops including Ayineh and Roof Garden Restaurants, the Central yard Café and Niloufar Café-gallery. In a pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful and incomparable architecture with others, you’ll find a peaceful place to enjoy your time. The menu of the restaurants includes all Persian, international and traditional Yazdi cuisine, and in the coffee shops, a variety of hot and cold drinks and several types of snacks are served. A professional and kind service combined with cooking of the best chefs, assures you to experience delicious foods which taste you will always remember. It is worth mentioning that you can organize your events and parties in the best possible manner at any restaurant and café in the hotel.

DAD Hotel Restaurants

Ayneh Restaurant

A pleasant atmosphere to share laughter, despite all the troubles and every days’ life routines, a place to remember the deserted authenticity, forgotten taste and rich culture of Iran, feeling the sense of life along with the enjoyable flavors. In Ayneh restaurant, all Iranian and foreign cuisine is served in the best quality. From 7am to 11pm we are here to host you in this unique environment.

Roof garden restaurant

Here you can sit upright to rewind the history line by line. Relaxation, lights, colors, memories and face to face with past. By the way, add up eating vegetarian traditional and grilled cuisines to it. We are ready to serve you from 5pm to 11:30pm. Roof garden restaurant is the best for family and friends parties.

The roof garden restaurant menu includes a variety of kabab, vegetarian and traditional dishes.

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The Ayneh restaurant menu includes a variety of Iranian, Yazdi and international dishes.

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DAD Hotel Coffee Shops

Central Yard Café

In this world there are some places that you have walk all trough it in your dreams and laughed by all means, free, happy and calm. The unique and beautiful atmosphere of this coffee shop is the best place for business arrangements, family and friend reunions. We serve you all varieties of hot and cold drinks and cakes In Central Yard Café from 8am to 11pm.

Niloufar Café Gallery

Delights are not few; a cozy place, a hearty drink, and watching the art lingering in arms of the walls. Feeling of a good life. A lovely atmosphere for meeting friends. In this place you hand hang your art-pieces on the wall. The work hours of Niloufar Café-gallery are from 11am to 11pm.

The coffee shop menu includes a variety of traditional hot and cold drinks and delicious cakes
* Coffee shop services include service fee

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The Café Gallery menu includes hot and cold drinks, cakes, salads and a variety of sandwiches.
*Café Gallery services include service fee

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Images from your memories

Browse your dreams

Photos capture our beloved moments, they let us open a treasure box and browse through our memories, one by one. There are images filled with spirit of life, blazing our identity. Dad Hotel chest, is the best place to dream and review your memories. Here is Dad’s treasure.

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Virtual Tour

Imagine your residence

Experience Dad Hotel before your stay

Before choosing Dad Hotel and your residence, you can virtual visit the whole collection and imagine your stay. Our suggestion is to start from the central yard, enter the corridors and see the rooms closely. Do not forget the rooftop.

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Special offers

Offers as Hot as Yazd

Tourism and affordable accommodation

The journey itself is full of fresh and hearty experiences. And it’s going to be even better with our tempting offers. Dad hotel will give you special offers which undoubtably save you from trouble and will double the journey’s pleasure.

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Historical celebrations

Don’t forget the special dates

Persian and Yazdiculture and history are filled with celebrations and magnificent traditions, which together makes it more enjoyable. You can visit the events at on various occasions and exhibitions that are presented with interesting topics at the hotel.

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