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He said, “I stood above imagination, analogy, speculation, and illusion.” The end was unclear. One of the few places where its beauty is not deteriorating. It is too big to do anything. It is as if hope is coming from far away. She stretched out immediately, spread her legs under the sand, stretched her sunscreen over her eyes, and seemed to be separated. “The days here are less than the nights,” said Subleb.

Yazd is a city of narratives, and # cafes are the best place to stand, to date and to see it row by row. The narrow stairs go up one by one and suddenly a magnificent subconscious image puts a wide smile on your lips and you can stand for hours and look. Just look. This frame seems to have been carved out of our minds even before seeing and experiencing it, perhaps because we always have a longing for it like a dream.

Steaming faces of heat and heat, wrinkled palms and feet for hours in the water, echoing the sound of the devil boy crying, having been bathed first in the morning, and now under his father’s hand, the bag was pierced and his eyes burned. He smelled of soap, stoneware, mud and whitewash and yogurt and marigold soap, Friday and family gatherings and ludicrous laughs, no-nonsense jokes so that every moment the bones shattered under fists and possessions. It was heavy, but tired.

Every Thursday at noon he rang the solstice, even though he knew no one was going to remember his many-year period on Friday. Even if her bell rang at her house a little later than 9am, that face was always smiling with those pearly teeth and muddled lips.

A cedar-like lattice structure next to one of the city’s oldest squares, a symbol of need and resort, a wooden casket adorned with black and green shawls, mirrors and lights. The palm tree # of Amirchakhmaq Square in Yazd is older than the palm tree of this Ba’athat square, but the grandeur of this one is greater. For years, these two palms have not wavered, but the night of Ashura and the evening of the strangers are crowded with thousands of candles lit around them.

Eyes full of begging, hands rising to the sky, descending to the breasts with a regular rhythm and tears accompanying it. Collective # lover, heartbroken and # peacekeepers; hate, shouting, hatred, judgment and talk. An image that has lasted for decades.

We’ve all heard the story of the # alleyways of reconciliation, the same narrow narrative of alley and passersby as they cross the narrow alley that unconsciously puts # smiles on their lips and sometimes even # 2 old friends reconcile. Alleyways full of # Mehr, # Peace, Patience and #Security as a mediator, all trying to clear hearts and make passers-by smile.

Waiting for the hand and the hand that seeks for love tell a story that has been whispering for generations for centuries to the eager ears. Thousands upon thousands of envious hands thirst for dirt to begin another story, and the foul soil softens like a wax in the wrinkled hands of an old man. Each touch gives it a new shape.

Yazd is definitely # Yazd with its historical context. Yazd / one day / around 6 pm / historical context. Narrow, winding alleys and intertwined houses with tall, adobe walls and # deflectors that appear after every # of alleyways.

Always a must go somewhere full of beautiful and Nazi senses. Sometimes you disappear and empty. Empty and light of all senses. It doesn’t matter, maybe a few seconds, maybe even minutes that sometimes take hours. Thinking of it in any way is fine.

A long-standing religion that evolves and respects human dignity, it honors and worships with humility and hanging hands, and at any moment transforms it from the construction of a lit fireplace to a mosque with its artistic altar and He sees the Jewish temple and is proud of his theism and religion.

He said, “The soil loves you.” I had heard but a month ago when I was looking forward to the first holiday to open the closet again, amazed and delighted. I thought this city was really stinking. (With a smile) You get her love.

The hum of the people, the light, the sound of the hammer, the sound of the handy carriage and the roar under the burden of the burden of the heavy burden and the bargaining of the customer with the seller make the market a delightful mix. An amazing place that offers art as well as exchange, the necessities of life are shown one by one and your eyes sparkle with the nostalgia that continues to powerfully manifest.

Having been with you for 5 years, your welcome has made us think seriously about our long-held idea. Until recently, a small spark followed by a big step. We’ll be sharing everything with you soon. 4 clips with 6 different and lovely sensations that you can only experience in Yazd. If you like, you can also share the clips, the sense of being in Yazd World and the pure experience of being in Iran’s beautiful cities.


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