Fahraj Rural with Story strange

History of Fahraj Village
Fahraj Village of Central District is located 22 km southeast of Yazd and on the Yazd-Bafgh road. Dating back to the historic village before the emergence of Islam even. The works that have been found in Fahraj prove that this village has a high and rich history.
The history of Fahraj village in about 5000 years of estimating. This village was an Elstis gate and one of the four main parts of the historic city of ancient Yazd. The name of the village is related to pre-Islamic and said that the first name is “Farfar”, which has been changed to “Fahraj” or “Pamah”, and has been changed after the fourth and fifth centuries of Hijri. .
The people of Fahraj speak in Farsi with the Yazdi dialects and follow the Shiite religion. The Jameh Mosque of Fahraj is the only sakhtmonsh of the world in which it has changed.

Jameh Mosque of Fahraj
In addition, there is disagreement among archaeologists, but apparently, the Jameh Mosque of Fahraj is the oldest mosque of Itaneh. This mosque belongs to the first half of the century AH. Fahraj
The Jameh Mosque of Fahraj is the Purgatory Mosque, which has two tabinave and Zafoni. The minaret of the mosque is considered to be the main indication that it will be visible from a distance.
The pillars of the mosque, large and solid and decorations of architecture such as the elegance of the roof and its high ceilings make every viewer a delight. Water storage
Water storage Hoseyniyeh, an old-school water reservoir, which is associated with pre-Islamic periods and is held at the sidelines of the water’s sanctification ceremony. The water depot was also used after Islam.
Another mosque in Fahraj, the mosque’s favorite, which unfortunately clock ruins, is very beautiful and beautiful. The historic collection of Fahraj martyrs is located 2 kilometers from the village and is surrounded by many historical monuments and buildings. Some of the clock works run from a valley around the village, facing the early Islamic period and a number of pre-Islamic periods.
Arab Attack Story
A very funny story about the village I need to tell you. I tell you that the people of Fahraj, and after the Arab invasion of Yazd and Fahraj, the Arabs, were invited to Islam and invite them to bshyd, or give us a high, or fight. A list of Arabs who would like to think.
But a… This deadline was not requested to avoid the Arab proposal! But the people of Fahraj, together with the residents of the Jewish village, have consulted and given him the conclusion that he would attack the Arabs. With the invasion of the Arabs, a large number of them are murdered and the burial place known to the Martyrs Collection. I hope that shmam like me have enjoyed hearing this story.
The historic Fahraj castle is attributed to the ages of 10 and 11 ah and has an attractive and beautiful landscape. From the special ceremonies of the village, we could refer to the celebrations and ceremonies on national and religious holidays, the funeral palm and the palm tree in Ashura. The honed is so cool and special that Adam loves the Lamb and from close. I don’t know myself but have heard very much.