Yazd Atashkadeh (Yazd Atash Behram)

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Yazd Atashkadeh [ Yazd Atash Behram ] Zoroastrian Atashkadeh in Yazd, Zoroaster and his followers Seeing a few children, firebox in their hand, and their occasional naughtiness but with caution not to fall into the ground was a common sight in ancient Iran. The children who like fire were the heat and kindness of every [...]

Souvenirs of Yazd

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Souvenirs of Yazd Yazd souvenirs attract many tourist due to their attractiveness and great diversity. Among Yazd's souvenirs and handicrafts, its sweets are really well-known. Those who have tasted the food souvenirs of Yazd, they never forget the wonderful taste and even perhaps this taste motivates to travel to Yazd again. Yazd city has a [...]

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