The Zoroastrian Yazd Tale of the Last Salar Language

I had been on the side of two big hills and off the last crypt, but I never thought that many years ago, probably every day, with a man who had no other Johnny in the body, they would only return to the hills. Hearing the news of the last survivor of a career that was late when it was forgotten to be very enjoyable, a man who perhaps no one will know the details of the two places. This conversation was carried out almost 4years ago and unfortunately today is no longer the last chieftain of a silent crypt among us.
The same or old Zoroastrian cemetery is located at the southern end of Yazd city near the Safaieh area on top of the two hills. This place was easily visible a few kilometers a few years ago, but now to the proximity of the house. When I arrived at the entrance, I was looking for a man-in-the-head with a mule, but failed to desperate stress, I was suddenly returning a few tourists who were taking pictures with an old man who had attracted me, Shahriar incident, the last of the Khamshan Salar Tower. I was pleased to go with him, but I was so busy that he didn’t even have a chance to take a look but had no patience. I preferred to go to the crypt guard at the time, and he said: “In this place there are two circular stone-like mansions called a crypt, one of which is older and the other newer. The old tower called the Indian constructor is called the cafeteria and the new tower, built in the Qajar period, is named Golestan. In the middle of the two, there is also a rocky hole where Zoroastrian had placed their dead in it, but ever since the city was advancing and allowed to put the dead in a cry from Zoroastrian, Shahriar mornings, and the sunset comes home , but before That means, until about 1344 years, they were not allowed to leave this place in another expression and were deprived of the city. He said the Shahriar colleague died years ago and now the old man is the last Salar of the crypt. The Guard Squares added: “In the past, he was told that he would be baptized in the dead, and he would take up the tower until the bait of the Vulture.
At the end, recalling the sacred remembrance of the three elements of fire and water and soil in Zoroaster’s ritual, said in the past Zoroastrians believed that if they buried the body, they would contaminate the soil, and if they drowned in water, they would have foul water and if the cremate fire was contaminated with this heavenly blaze, the biggest idiom has been done. The corpses must be placed above the blackout towers to be subjected to destruction by birds and Lashkhoran.
It seemed interesting, I was sure that the old man had some interesting words in his heart that maybe no one else even knew about the Guardians, so I entertained myself for an hour. The tourist buses that move the old man to his metal chair, and the corner of the meeting. I went to it, and its curved stature and face showed that it was over 80 years old, and I wanted to tell myself that there was not much to me, but that was a while That passed began to speak. I asked him to tell me a little about himself and the job I told the old man, with a sweet cry, I said I was 45 years old, and I didn’t know about surgery to Tehran, why I was replacing him, but the other returned and I was last, maybe my part There was also a dissatisfied, of course, until the year 44 that the city was no longer in the crypt, I was 24 years old I had not seen the city since then we started to bury corpses in the cemetery. I will still be ghusl and I am in the soil.
I asked Salar to explain at the beginning of the dead, and he said: ‘I was born dead, and when he was called a dead prayer, he would take him to the top of the crypt, and Lashkhorha it, and the other the birds were beginning to eat their flesh, they did something to us. And they did not come to the dead as long as we did not go out of the crypt, when the number of dead to 12_10 came there, mtbr the bones and shroud in the pits, then he continued with reference to the crypt. : Look at the first two crypts that were filled in dead in the second crypt, so that one would be blank then we cleared the first crypt. Of course, when we put the bones in well, they will draw water on them so that nothing is left of the bones and the microbes will not play in the air.
I asked, ‘Do you just do all these things that replied:’ Not two people who had been carrying dead, many years ago, I was going to do the rest of the woman’s wash, but she was carrying the responsibility of men . I even found myself and my parents to have a crypt, and perhaps my part was the same.
When I asked about the reason for the birds being eaten dead, he said that the time of death had not been so great that the burying of LASHKHORHA was too many to fly around so within 48 hours and before the microbial spread in the air would break dead And they flesh, then with a smile, he said, “The principle of deeds and behavior of Adam, in any case, does not remain with death.
According to Shahriar, since the year 44, the crypt was used only as a scenic place, and the dead of the same year was buried in the cemetery, and whoever wants to find his dead is only enough to know his years because they were all in the soil, and their written stones are also located above the them.
I asked him if he was allowed to enter a crypt? Salar replied: No one except we had the right to get into the crypt, and before burying the dead, no one knew that his dead could only be the cry of the crypt and read prayers.
As the old man was talking, the range of chambers on the panel of each of them attracted me, and he said: “They were told these buildings, each belonging to a group of Yazd Zoroastrians, such as Maryam Abad, Nasrabad, And other neighborhoods. Then we went to the cemetery villages, we had to take the dead, then we came here, the relatives of the deceased, each had a special room, when they came to the dead, they would perform the ceremony and prayer of a dead. Of course, before Salar’s description, I had read where the oldest works of the remainder were located on the western side of the crypt, and dating back to the Safavid age also dates back to the rest of the Qajar time.
At the end, I wanted to tell me a little bit of my life, Shahriar also continued, I was 25 years old, I had five children who were all married and didn’t continue to do my job before I started this job agriculture, but my dad was farmer too, but i was 45, now that i would bury the dead, i’m going to eat in the morning, i’ll come back to the event, everyone else should avoid eating bread, but i’m d love to help me but i didn’t know why i didn’t like it.
Old man bored she had all been out of the signed takeoff if it was time to go. I had taken the answer to my question and thanked him with the memoirs.
Familiar with this old man and hearing my subconscious traditions reminded me and made it easy to forget that they were easily forgotten and lost in the aftermath of a machine life today. Those who undoubtedly retain and register them are responsible for our generation.