Yazd souvenir

The souvenir of Yazd is attracted to many tourists due to its charm and diversity. Among the souvenirs and handicrafts of یزدشیرینی he has many reputations, people who savoured edible souvenirs of Yazd have never forgotten the extraordinary taste and perhaps this taste is a motive for the trip to Yazd. Yazd has a long history in the production of sweets and workshops. Usually, at the side of Yazd souvenirs, you have heard the name of Haj Khalifeh Rahbar. This is the name of the long-opened brand for the sweets of Yazd. The most famous souvenirs of Yazd city and sweets in Baklava Yazd, Qwab Yazd, cotton candy Yazd and Halvah are Yazd. In order to prepare sweets in Yazd, you can head to Amir Chakhmaq Square in Yazd around this field there are plenty of shops to buy souvenirs.

Among other sweets that cannot be easily passed by them are:

Cake Yazdi
Rasahkhani Yazd
Rice Bread Yazd
Haj Almond Yazd
Busty and Badami
Traditional distillates

Yazd Happy Yalda
Yazd is the most original confectionery in Yazd. This delicious donut has a reputation and many fans. The important thing is that Yazd has a very different taste than Turkish, and the flavor of pistachio and almond is very pleasing. To prepare baklava in Yazd, milk, eggs, flour, oil, cardamom, golab, almond, pistachios and honey are used. In the four corners of the world, Yazd has attracted many hobbyists, including Canada and America, one of its paghers and fans. Baklava is very nutritious because of having a brain and is useful for boosting memory, stomach and heart. We suggest that if you tasted a taste of Yazd’s happy Yalda, try to do so and don’t forget to buy it as a popular souvenir.

Qwab Yazd
Another famous local pastry, which is intrigued by any age, is qwab Yazd. This is the ball of the shape, its middle, with a special form of cardamom and almond. This combination creates high nutritional value. Qwab from walnut, flour, egg yolks, sugar and baking powder is true. It’s also like baklava because of the middle brains that are energizing and hot. Of course, in the preparation of the pastry in Yazd, you must be careful because in counterfeit samples it does not brain. Spend these tasty pig with a wonderful tea mug. It is also one of the good souvenirs in Yazd that can be prepared for acquaintances.

Candy Yazd
Cotton Candy is one of the most famous souvenirs in Yazd province, which is located in the family of Yazdi. Cotton candy is made of very sweet, sugar, flour, oil and cardamom. Each of the components of cotton has properties that are useful for the human body. The age of cotton in the workshops of Haj Khalifa is the leader of 97 years. The preparation of cotton candy is very spectacular, after baking raw materials and consecutive convergence, now it turns out to be a drawstring, which is done in the old hand and in a semi-automatic form today. The customs of cotton in Yazd is very important and with regard to the action of stretching and rings after 26 times, Cotton will be made. It’s a very tasty cookie that Bob has a lot of hard to produce.

Tahini Yazd
The name of the Ardakan ear in Yazd may be eaten. Ararand Halvah have a history of many in Iran. Ardakan’s halvah is still not added to the traditional method of production and no chemical material, which is why it has been welcomed by many. Araris prepared from sesame seeds. Sesame seeds have oil and a rich source of nutrients and the requirements of the human body. It also has a warm nature and a good sweetness and is a great source of human body energy. The following medicinal properties include:

Memory Enhancer
Prevents anemia and improves fatigue and general weakness
Builds balance in body water
Rich in vitamin B and E
Body Bone Strength
Energy source for athletes and those who consume a lot of energy.
A good halvah should also be soft and lacking of yarn fibers, as well as light cream and not when cutting a piece. Tahini has a great reputation among Iranian people and it is suitable for cold food season. The use of grape juice or honey is full-fledged and tonic-eating. Do not forget to buy these tasty halva for your use or as souvenirs from Yazd and Ardakan.

Cake Yazdi
The cake Yazdi is one of the most famous sweets in Yazd, which is found in most cities of Iran. This cake is one of the best snacks of the Yazdi that is used for guest receptions of its fresh type.
The traditional type of cake in Yazd province is used for religious and provincial ceremonies.
Raw material of cake Yazdi: egg, sugar, white flour, fruit salt, baking powder, solid oil or butter, yogurt or milk.

Chocolate filled
Yazd Confectionery is another delicious one of this desert city. It has different types of pastries and because it can attract any taste. Different types of diamond include loose saffron, pistachio marrow, loose coconut, loose and loose. The sweetness of the vulva because of the existence of distillates, the sweetness is a great fan. The raw material of the sweetness is composed of sugar, water, cardamom and rosewater, which, according to the type of pastries, almonds, almond powder or coconut powder, so as to make the pastry liquid paste, and after preparing, they will be cut in the pan for incisions.
These delicious pastries are presented in the package called 5 loose in Yazd, which is the most popular name of the supreme Leader Haj Khalifa and the partner of Yazd. Hajkhalifa Pastry is responsible for the production of all kinds of traditional sweets and delicious souvenirs of Yazd.

Haji Almond Yazd
Haj Badami or Haji Almond is another famous and delicious souvenir of Yazd, which has many fans throughout Iran. One of the best sweets in Yazd is due to the presence of nutmeg and flour, which shed within it, makes it a simple appearance of good food value. The ingredients of Haji Almond are: almond kernel, sugar powder, solid oil, flour, cardamom powder, nutmeg and egg yolks and sometimes saffron. With the material in this tasty cookie, you can also use it for joint pain and to relieve muscle pain. Just keep in mind the indulgence in this tasty cookie makes it a boost to your sugar like other sweets. Drink the Haj almond with tea.

Honey Abarkuh
Honey is one of the most important souvenirs in Abarkuh Yazd. The rural Abarkuh is a village that has a lot of historical monuments in their hearts. In addition to historical monuments, many products including handicrafts, dairy products, medicinal plants, etc. Is. As a result of different flowers in the plains of this city, Abarkuh has a great diversity, but in the dehydration of these days, the harvest rate of honey is low, this is if there is four thousand bees in Abarkuh. In the past three years, Abarkuh Honey has reached twenty types of honey, and harvested in the third resistant in consecutive years.